David came to the armies camp where his brothers were fighting.   He surveyed the situation and knew the solution – especially when the giant came out with a challenge.  David knew his potential and he knew His God.  When David went to Saul, Saul tried to crush David and shove him off. Saul told him he can’t do it.  David didn’t shift in what he believed.  He stood firm, no matter what Saul said.  David told Saul his past testimonies and stories on how he has used his skill of killing in the past.  David said “I will kill these philistines the same way”.  David convinced Saul with his words and his confidence.

David didn’t bend when Saul told him he couldn’t do it.  David had to stand strong against the words that were spoken.

Saul then dressed David in his own armor, but David couldn’t walk in it, cause that armour wasn’t made for him.  David couldn’t use the weapons Saul had as they were unfamiliar to him.  Saul tried to put onto David what he knew, but David wanted the armour that God provided.


Don’t let others words throw you around.  Stand strong in what God has taught you, and know that He will teach you a lot more on your journey through life.  Get the revelation direct from God as he positions you where He needs you to be……maybe to set people free like David did on this day.

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