Sin -> Communion

Adam is a key figure in Scripture. He is described as the “first Adam,” the one who brought sin into the world. He made it necessary for Jesus, the “last Adam,” to atone for all humans, and then rise from the grave with the promise of complete redemption for fallen man and fallen creation.

So the Sin that came into the world now separated mankind from God. What can we use to see if we have sinned? By looking at Gods standards. The Ten Commandments.

  1. {6} You shall not kill, Jesus said if you hate someone you are a murderer.
  2. {3} Don’t blaspheme the name of God, NT don’t let any profane words out your mouth.
  3. {7} Don’t commit adultery, if you look at someone with lust, you have already commit adultery with that person in your heart. {GOD see’s the heart}
  4. {5} Honour your Father & Mother. Respect them.
  5.  For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all. {James 2:10}

You’ve just dusted the table clean & decide to pull back the curtains to let in the early morning light. What is it that you see on the table? Dust. In the air? Dust. Did the light create the Dust? No. It simply exposed the dust. In the same way the light of God’s law is a mirror to show us who we truly are in God’s eyes, exposing the sin in our lives.

Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. {Gal 3:24}

“Many people think they can break the Ten Commandments right and left and get by with it. That reminds me of the whimsical story of the man who jumped off the Empire State Building in New York City. As he went sailing by the fiftieth floor, a man looked out the window and said to him, ‘Well, how is it?’ The falling man replied, ‘So far, so good.’ That is not where the law of gravity enforces itself. Fifty more floors down and the man will find out, ‘So far, not so good.’ The interesting thing is that a law must be enforced to be a law and therefore God says in Ezekiel 18:4, ‘The soul that sins, it shall die.’ The Law must be enforced and the breaker of the Law must pay the penalty.” J. Vernon McGee

Everyone is either “in Adam” or “in Christ”. This is what the bible means when it speaks in the terms of the “head”. In every covenant, there is a head. This is the person who is the leader of those who are associated with them. Think of it like a nation where in every decision the highest official affects every citizen in the nation for better or worse. We are all born in the first Adam, & some are born again in the last Adam {Jesus}.

The first Adam turned from the Father in a garden; the last Adam turned to the father in a garden. The first Adam was naked & unashamed; the last Adam was naked & bore our shame. The first Adam’s sin brought us thorns; the last Adam wore a crown of thorns. The first Adam substituted himself for God; last Adam is God substituting himself for sinners. The first Adam sinned at a tree; the last Adam bore our sin on a tree. The first Adam died as a sinner; the last Adam died for sinners. In Adam there is defeat, but in Jesus there is victory. In Adam there is condemnation, but in Jesus there is salvation. In Adam we receive a sin nature, but in Jesus we receive a new nature. In Adam we’re cursed, but in Jesus we’re blessed. In Adam there is wrath & death, but in Jesus there is love & new life.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. {Jn 3:16}

“If God has given His Son to die for us, let us beware of doubting His kindness and love in any painful providence of our daily life.” ~ J.C. Ryle

As you eat & drink…remember what Jesus did for you!

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