Women’s Ministry

Women's Event Ideas


Ideas are:-

  • Ladies are given tickets with numbers on.  Draw a number out of a bowl and the lady with that ticket number wins.
  • The Lady with the tallest high heel shoes or fanciest shoes.
  • The oldest lady.
  • The lady that has traveled the furthest for that event.
  • Lady who has brought along the most first-time guests.


Ideas are:-

  • Craft time – make Christmas decorations, learn how to knit etc.
  • Movie Night
  • Fashion parade- with local boutique (could use this for a fundraiser as well).
  • Cooking demonstration night from a particular culture.
  • Ladies weekend away.
  • Card making.
  • Global dinner – women who are from different cultures cook a dish from their country.
  • Garden afternoon tea party.
  • Christmas Dinner.
  • Scrapbooking night.
  • Scavenger hunt.
  • Swimming party.
  • Supermarket challenge – list of items to find, plan a meal for under $50 with at least 5 ingredients.
  • Demonstration of Pilates.
  • Shopping trip.
  • Clothes swap event – bring along clothes you no longer want and have them all hanging or on tables and ladies can fill their bags with anything they find.
  • Basic motor mechanics.
  • Learning to budget.
  • Day Retreat.
  • Hike.
  • Basic cake decorating.
  • Fashion – body shapes, colour matching etc.
  • Freezer cooking.
  • Make homemade soap.
  • Basic self-defence.
  • Handy hints night – everyone brings and demonstrates their handy hints.  Can collate and make into a booklet.
  • Make a recipe book.
  • Spa or Pampering night.
  • Golf day.
  • Handbag list – who has the most items on the list http://www.bridal-shower-games.com/wp-content/uploads/whats-in-your-purse-bride.pdf
  • Painting workshop.
  • Basic first aid.


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