Church Contents

Church Content Inventory

It is a difficult process when doing an inventory of Church items. Finding the replacement value of an item may take some research, but it doesn’t have to be done very often.

Here you’ll find a sample of a Church Contents Inventory form, that you can record the estimates and file with your insurance company. Some insurance companies have their own form for Churches that you can use. It’s important to store a copy of this form off the Church property, for security. The Microsoft Word document (image below) can be downloaded from here – Church Contents Inventory

Screenshot (60)

It’s important to keep a register of all electrical appliances within the Church Building.

This form is different to the above, but it helps keep track of Church Contents, plus give you a list of ideas on what to include on the list.
Church Contents Register

Screenshot (59)

Assisting you – with years of experience.

Saving you time – by helping you tick off that to do list.

Church administration office templates and forms covering Christian youth groups, kids ministry, adult ministry, baptisms, baby dedications, camps, creche, attendance forms, tithing forms, etc. can be downloaded directly from this website instantly

Templates can be edited and printed, even by professional printers.
If you want something totally different or are after a document that’s not in the shop, contact me and we’ll whip one up in no time.

Fees are very cheap, as my importance is on the Church using their money to reach their community,rather than spend it all on staffing and resources.

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