Food Safety and Handling

Food Safety & HandlingDon’t we as Christian just love to socialise over food!

Fellowshipping over great tucker is one of the things we enjoy doing together.

In society now, it is important to ensure the food we have available is safe for human consumption. With this in mind, the Government has made openly available training for FOOD SAFETY PROCEDURES. The training is conducted via online, tablet and mobile device format and is available in most States and Territories in Australia and also available through most Local Councils.  The one I have done online through my local councils website, produce a result sheet and a certificate after completion of the course, which can be shown to your Church for their records.

Posters for the kitchen area are great reminders to people and trainer to those coming up in the Church. They can be found on the internet, such as and

Place a co-ordinator in charge of looking after stock and supplies within the kitchen, including hair nets, gloves and aprons etc, to help run the kitchen at a high standard. Have training available and a procedures manual available, so this can be referred to in times of need.


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