Social Media

Keeping up socialwith the times is a way of keeping up with your congregation.  I love social media and would do it for anyone, anytime!  Apparently there are Social Media Pastors now!



People love keeping up to date in what’s happening at their Church, they love seeing photos of their Church family and being invited to events.  On the events, it’s a great tool for people to invite their friends that don’t regularly attend church, to events.  These event posts can even be shared and that helps spread the word.  The events have the ability to be linked to where people can get their tickets from and even show a map.


Most of the time people go on Facebook in the early mornings and in the evenings, so this is a great time to share posts with your Church.  Now we have the fantastic ability of scheduling posts, so we don’t need to live on Facebook all the time.


Create a separate Facebook Group that only allows members in, so they feel safe and secure amongst the Church family.  In this group, prayer requests, announcements, forms published etc can be shared amoung Church family only.

So what can you post on your Church Facebook page? Here’s some ideas:-


– Youtube link of the song you are learning at Church (get them familiar with the song)

– Quotes from leaders in your Church

– Crowd shots (from the rear to cover privacy)

– People on stage shots

– Volunteers that work behind the scenes, so people know who does what and even include a bit of their story

– Testimonies- maybe a short video- these are powerful



DON’T PHOTOGRAPH KIDS WITHOUT PARENTS PERMISSION…….so many families are involved in the court system and you don’t know every child’s situation, so you need to protect them or have a consent form signed by the parents.



Screenshot (55)



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