Church Event Planning



Events are always put on at Churches and it’s a fantastic way to get the community in.

To get the information correct, have available electronic or hard copies of an Event Planning form.  An example of a form would be:-


Todays Date:-

NOTE:- Please Check the Church calendar  for conflicts before you submit this form. Complete all required fields in the form below and submit it at least four weeks before your event date. The church office will contact you by email to confirm your date(s).

Event /  Meeting Title ______________________

Multiple SessionsEvent Frequency*

Start Date ____________________________

Start Time____________________________

Finish Time___________________________

Overnight Yes/No

Preferred Location__________________________________________________________

Target Group______________________________________________________________

Cost to Attend_________________________
 Or Offering___________________________

Open Invitation? Yes /No
Primary Contact Information

The person listed here will be contacted by the church office for event management.

Surname____________________ Firstname__________________________

Mobile Phone Number______________________________


Room Required

  • Sanctuary
  • Kids Church
  • Youth Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room/Cafe

Equipment Required

  • DVD Player
  • Projector
  • Third Choice
  • TV
  • Small PA
  • Sanctuary Sound System

Who is opening and closing the building?________________________________________

Who is setting up before and cleaning up after?____________________________________


  • Signage (Signs, sign up sheets, etc.)
  • Invitation cards
  • Promotional items (pens, bags, t-shirts, mugs)
  • Books (payment books, brochures, programs, etc.)
  • Physical Media (CD’s, DVD’s,, etc.)
  • On screen graphics (Slides, Backgrounds, Videos, etc.)
  • Facebook Event
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  •  Email Contact List

Which ministries should be aware of this event?

  • Seniors Ministry
  • Womans Ministry
  • Mens Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Childrens Ministry

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