Door Keys

Who wants a key to the Church?  EVERYONE DOES!

Here’s a ‘key’ note – Don’t give just anybody a key and for those you do give a key to, keep a roster and make sure the keys are returned when the person leaves the Church.

Have a form that people  can sign and for the Church to keep a record of.  It pays to give them a copy as well.  Things to add to that form could include:-



As a recipient of keys to NAME AND ADDRESS OF CHURCH, my signature below indicates that I hereby
understand and agree to the following:
1.    Keys may NOT be duplicated. All keys must be obtained through the Church Office.
2.   Keys signed out for one-time events must be returned within 3 business days following the event.
3.   I am the person responsible for the keys for the organization or ministry in which I  serve.  If I cease affiliation with the organization or ministry, I must return any keys in my possession  within 3 business days to the Church Office and another representative of the organization or ministry must sign out appropriate keys through the Church Office.
4.   If I or my organization or ministry is the last person(s) out of the building, I am responsible for making sure the building and/or room is secured.
5.   Employees of CHURCH NAME must return keys within 3 business days of resignation or termination of employment. Keys not returned will be assessed a fee of $8.00 per key as indicated in #2 above.

Keys you currently have:

Please indicate which areas you need access to:
Youth Rooms
Outside Doors
Sunday School Rooms
Music Room
Pastors Office

Signature                                                                                Date

Copy given to applicant YES/NO

Printed Name

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