Hire of Facilities

Sample of Policy of hiring Church facilities…..Hire of Church Facilities Policy

Policy for hire of Building and Facilities for Church Groups and Community Groups

Our church is happy to have your group/organization share God’s house with us. Our facilities are for the functioning of our ministry and for providing a hospitable presence for members, church groups and the community. Regular activities and groups of CHURCH NAME shall have priority for the scheduling of their time and space for their ministry.

Purposes of Use:
The use of any of the facilities shall be consistent with the priorities of CHURCH NAME.

Activities restricted:
1. promotion of partisan politics
2. those with policies in conflict with the Social Principles of the CHURCH NAME
3. commercial enterprises
1. Meetings and activities must be scheduled at least one week in advance and placed on the
church calendar through the church office following approval.
2. A reservation form must be completed and returned to the church office. Forms are available
from the church office by phoning #### or email #######.
3. Events of the church will have priority usage.
4. Requests require written or oral approval for use by a Church Board Member or Pastor of CHURCH NAME.
Contact Person for Group Using Facilities:
1. The contact person is responsible for adherence to the Building and Facilities Use Policy.
2. The contact person is responsible for arranging for the opening and closing of the church building for the activity scheduled and paying the fees at the church office.

Building Use Fees
1. There is no charge for CHURCH NAME. A waiver of fees for other groups may be given by the board or Pastore of CHURCH NAME.
2. Building Use Fee: Less than 4 hours $20.00
More than 4 hours $80.00

(over 12 hours may require additional fee)
Sound Technician: payable to Sound Technician $ 30.00


Sanctuary and Preparation Areas $200.00 (no charge for members)
Pastor $125.00 (no charge for members)
Hall for Reception $100.00 (no charge for members)
Musician $100.00 payable
Sound Technician $ 50.00 payable to Sound Technician

Safety: It is expected that the sponsor or person in charge will be responsible for the oversight and behavior of the group attending by providing appropriate supervision and risk management.

Insurance: Groups that are not part of the direct ministry of CHURCH NAME using church facilities regularly are expected to have adequate insurance for their personal injuries and liabilities. The group may be asked to provide a certificate of insurance before using the facilities.

Fire: Groups using the facilities should know where the fire exits and fire extinguishers are located.

Candles: The use of candles or other flames, apart from regular use in worship services, shall require special permission of the board or Pastor.

Accidents: All accidents, involving either the injury of persons or the damaging of property, taking place on the property must be reported immediately to the minister or a member of the board of trustees.

Safe Child Policy: All groups using the facilities are responsible for reading and agreement with the Safe Child policies of CHURCH NAME. In particular, the requirement that at least 2 adults be present when children or youth are involved, and that children must always be within sight or sound of at least 2 adults.

Church Property
1. Church property will not be loaned, borrowed, or removed from church premises without written or verbal approval of chair of Board Member or Pastor. Damaged equipment will be replaced or repaired by the borrower to the satisfaction of the trustees and with approval of the trustees.
2. Audio-visual and sound equipment and musical instruments may NOT be used unless approved. Use of equipment requires a CHURCH NAME trained technician.

Facility Use
Any group using the facilities will be financially responsible for all damages to the physical property or to any equipment in the area being used with the exception of normal wear and tear of equipment.

General Use
1. Meetings and activities must be confined to the areas of the church and property as scheduled.
2. If the church buildings are being used at no charge, you are expected to set up and clean up for yourself. Cleanup equipment is located in the kitchen and storeroom areas. These activities include furniture arrangement, rubbish, lights, locks, toilets, airconditioners/heaters. Church supplies are for church events only. All other groups must provide their own supplies. Rooms are to be returned to the original set-up.
3. Any damage to the building, equipment or premises is to be reported to the church office.
4. Checklist to close church building is to be completed when a group has finished using the church premises.
5. No tacks or nails shall be driven into furniture or walls or wood surfaces.

Kitchen – Safety and Sanitary Guidelines posted in kitchen
1. The kitchen must be left clean and orderly after use.
2. Read Kitchen Procedures folder found in Kitchen.
In general, the sanctuary is not available for use unless coordinated directly with the Pastor. If permission to use the sanctuary is obtained, the following guidelines apply
1. The sanctuary is to be used only for religious activities, not strictly secular.
2. No animals are allowed in the sanctuary.
3. Ask how to use electrical items, before touching them, if you don’t know how to use them.
Alcohol, Weapons, and Controlled Substances
This is God’s property and should be treated with great respect
1. There will be no alcoholic beverages or controlled substances on the church premises.
2. There will be no smoking within the church Building.
3. There will be no weapons on the church premises.

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