Living Life in Freedom


Many years ago, we moved to country town and we came with some passion and great ideas. Moving from a city where we were fully involved in Church activities. busy ministering, assisting etc., which had our calendar booked for most nights of the week. We were trained up and ready for action. But when we approached the Pastor of the small town, we were told direct, that we would never be involved in Leadership in this Church. The look in his eyes stuck with me for many years. It burdened us, weighted us down and we felt as though we were tied up with ropes.


Thank God He set us free. Not only from this situation, but others as well and here’s some keys that I’ve learnt over time to help experience living day to day in God’s freedom.

BELOW is my EEGG (pronounced egg) principle.
Why is it called EEGG? :-
Expect nothing
Everyone is wearing ‘L’ plates
A lot happens inside an egg. When I think of the word EGG, I think of growing, nurturing, protected, new life, developing, safety, breaking of hard thing etc.

These are my points:-



EXCEPT the promises of God.

If you are living for God, you will be constantly listening to Him which can lead to what you plan to do today, could be put off for another day or an incident happens and your plans have to change. Expecting something to happen or not happen can lead to great disappointments and feeling of heaviness.

Daily, go out expecting and knowing that God is in control, so continually trust in God and go with His flow.

When you come together in a group, throw the program out and wait on God, expecting Him to move and have His way in the group.



No one knows everything. We, every single one of us on earth, are learning. We all have L plates on at all times, because none of us are perfect or extremely wise.

Therefore, be gracious and lenient towards one another. Easy to forgive

Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. ~ Colossians 3:13



Do not rely on man for your spiritual food, but rely on God to feed you and to make you strong. When you get an electrical appliance and it stops working or doesn’t work right, who would you rather go to:

= the retailer


– the manufacturer.

I would rather go to the manufacturer, the one who made the appliance. The one who knows the appliance inside out. The one who knows the exact instruction or tool to fix what needs fixing and maintain what needs maintenance.

It is important to continually get maintenance from our maker as well. Have a routine of sitting down with God, every month or so, and sit with God asking Him to tell you what is stopping you from growing in Him. Weed out things in your life that are choking you and distracting you from the life God wants you to live as His follower.



Get together with other Christians for fellowship. Find friends that have the same values and biblical viewpoint as you do, so you can strengthen one another in the faith.

As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.
~Proverbs 27:17

Sometimes this maybe impossible in where you live physically. But with tools like the internet and phone, you are able to keep in contact, with these people, much easier and quicker.

Assisting you – with years of experience.

Saving you time – by helping you tick off that to do list.

Church administration office templates and forms covering Christian youth groups, kids ministry, adult ministry, baptisms, baby dedications, camps, creche, attendance forms, tithing forms, etc. can be downloaded directly from this website instantly

Templates can be edited and printed, even by professional printers.
If you want something totally different or are after a document that’s not in the shop, contact me and we’ll whip one up in no time.

Fees are very cheap, as my importance is on the Church using their money to reach their community,rather than spend it all on staffing and resources.

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