Administration Office

Administration Office

What happens when the office staff are sick?
Find all information in a policies and procedures folder!

What happens when no one is on the same page?
Have policies and procedures in place!

A great tool to have in the office is a folder titled OFFICE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.    Some Churches have policies and procedures in separate folders, depending on what suits the Church.  Policies in general, should be the same across the board for all employees of the Church.  Procedures will be different for each department.

In this folder, you have all the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW of the office, so that when the staff are away, people know to go to this folder and it will have all the information needed for the office to keep moving while staff are away. This is fantastic for someone filling in while staff are away.

What do you put in such a folder?

Start with a great looking title page.

Then an easy to read index page. (If you type these procedures up in Microsoft Word, then it’s easy to set up the indexing automatically.)


Every procedure and policy needs to be explained in detail, so if you are away, someone can easily do your job.  The last thing you want is a pile of work to do when you return. 🙂

Add in full details, contact person and details, instructions and keep record of general passwords that could be required, screenshots etc:-

Assisting you – with years of experience.

Saving you time – by helping you tick off that to do list.

If you need assistance in creating a policy and procedure folder, contact us and someone will be able to assist you.

Check out some of the Admin resources and examples on Pinterest:-

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