Communicating Safely

We would be lost without our electronic communication items, but sometimes they can get us into trouble. Therefore, here are some boundaries that I think are great in protecting people all round.   Send Group Emails. Social Chat in groups NOT one on one. Staff communicate through Church email or work email NOT personal email,…Read more Communicating Safely

Mentoring and Discipling The fitness area has taken off with people wanting a Personal Trainer.  People find they need that support, that push, that training to get to where they want to physically be. The same can be with people spiritually.  I created and admin one of the largest Christian Facebook groups called Aussie Christians on Facebook…Read more Mentoring and Discipling


4 It is important to train leaders and connect with them regularly. Run regular Leadership meetings so you can re -group often. Use this time to train and sharpen their leadership skills. Training sessions are for training, not preaching. If you don't train your team, they won't know what to do or how to be…Read more Leadership