Kids Registration Card

Keep all your kids details together with this versatile form that you can adapt for your ministry.


Use PhotoShop to edit this flyer and add your Churches personal details and images to it.  Then make it available to visitors and new members that come to your church.

Apps are in!

Apps are everywhere and there is an app for everything.....well nearly. If you don't know what an APP're probably among the mature generation age, but you probably remember the time the TV came out into society and now realise how that tool has been a strong influence in society, especially with communication.  This is…Read more Apps are in!


Great tool in communicating to your Church. Free Photoshop templates below.  If you need assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to help.  

Name Tags

Name tags are a great way to identify people in the Church. Here's some free name tags that you can use and edit through Photoshop.     Rise Up Resources have a selection of resources available to download in Photoshop format.  See their collection here


Welcoming visitors to your Church can leave a great impression. Here's some free tools that you can use and edit through Photoshop, from and Photoshop is needed to edit these templates or contact us and we can help you out.  …Read more Welcome/Visitors

Conferences & Events   Paperwork is needed when groups go to events, to ensure everyone is covered. A form for taking Youth to Planetshakers is available here - but you can also edit it to suit the event you are taking a group of youth or kids to.  REMEMBER…Read more Conferences & Events