Women’s Ministry

https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/womens-gathering-games/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/womens-gatherings-ideas/ DOOR PRIZES Ideas are:- Ladies are given tickets with numbers on.  Draw a number out of a bowl and the lady with that ticket number wins. The Lady with the tallest high heel shoes or fanciest shoes. The oldest lady. The lady that has traveled the furthest for that event. Lady who has…Read more Women’s Ministry

Conferences & Events

https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/conference-ideas-organising/   https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/decorating-~-events/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/events/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/lanyards/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/party/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/photo-booth-backdrops/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/printing/ https://au.pinterest.com/churchsupport/promotional-items/   Paperwork is needed when groups go to events, to ensure everyone is covered. A form for taking Youth to Planetshakers is available here - but you can also edit it to suit the event you are taking a group of youth or kids to.  REMEMBER…Read more Conferences & Events