Serving and wearing a designated shirt are perfect for host teams, welcome teams, parking attendants, staff, and more, especially for those who are visiting your Church. Just like a policeman wears a uniform, recognising someone who can help, when needed, make many people (especially Kids) feel secure (especially those who need that emotional security).

Shirts can also be worn as a sign of celebration. From becoming a Christian to getting baptised. There are so many reasons to give a shirt as a memento to those who are celebrating.

Grab a complete editable huge zip file of templates, for your teams, baptisms, new Christians from this here. Have the designs professionally printed on shirts, caps, towels, jumpers etc and you are set to go!

Life.Church have a collection of templates for shirts available from their resources here.

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Written by:-

Karen Stuckey has been a Virtual Assistant to many Pastors and Churches in Australia since 2011. It was birthed out of her relative and friends, who were Pastoring in Churches, asked her to find out information on where to get this or that, or what’s the best so and so to use. From this she saw a need and began supporting Pastors and Leaders from around the nation.

Prior to this, her and her husband Gavin, ran home groups, healing meetings, soaker services, kids ministry, hospital chaplain (Karen), playgroup (Karen), hospitality services etc. They have 3 children, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law and 2 grand children.


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