Information on this page constantly changes.

KEEP UP TO DATE with covid-19 information.

The latest COVID-19 information can be found at:-

Safework Australia
Australian Government Department of Health
World Health Organisation

State/Territory covid info

Victoria and QR Sign Up – Forms and Templates
New South Wales
Northern Territory
Western Australia
South Australia

Denomination covid responses

ACC Statement

Baptist Churches

Churches of Christ
Vic & Tas


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Templates and tools

  • SMS templates to use during COVID-19 can be downloaded here.
  • Sign in safe electronic sign in app is available here.

Information addition ideas
to church Websites

“Connect Here” section

  • Social Media Links.
  • Service Links.
  • Group info.
  • Prayer requests.

“Helping You Here” section

  • List counselling services (skype/zoom)
  • Local medical centres,
  • Government website links,
  • How to get food pantries and supplies.
  • Church contact info etc.
  • Instructions to online services, shop and using technology.

Join us Live

  • Enter our pre-service meetings on zoom.
  • Join us online.
  • Can we pray for you now?

What you can hand to your team

Keep Communicating

  • Phone calls.
  • Video calls.
  • Texting.
  • Email communication.
  • Also keep your members in the loop through various means of communication of changes that have happened and changes that will happen.

Encourage Fellowship

  • Encourage small group meetings via zoom, then in homes (following guidelines).
  • Encourage people to call each other.

Release the Gifted

  • People with the serving gift may want to help deliver food, groceries and pharmacy items to those who are vulnerable or home bound.
  • Leaders with specific skills can lead online prayer meetings, worship time, youth live meetings etc.
  • Graphic designers, social media gifted people can take a load off you, by helping in this area.
  • Teachers doing a video on how kids can learn at home.
  • Doctor in the house? Interview the Dr online.

Church Streaming

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Streaming Platforms to use

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Streaming Licence Information

Church can be streamed from using free tools to paid tools. Use whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever works for you.

CCLI (Church Copyright Licensing International) have a couple of licences that are needed to be purchased for streaming services from CCLI Australia.

If you are live streaming on your website, YouTube, Facebook etc, and are playing a cd or any form of digital commercial music, you will need an additional licence from

Church Resources

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  • Unsplash have a collection of images related to covid-19 here.
  • Updates and Cancellation slides are available here.
  • Online service media package can be downloaded here.
  • Livestream countdowns and welcome videos for your online streaming can be found here.
  • Covid-19 icons can be downloaded from this website.
  • Create interactive service plans online by using this Church planner.
  • Zoom backgrounds are fun to play with. Find various fun, free ones in Canva here. (Canva is free to Non-Profits).
  • Covid Images can be used from here.
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COVID-19 posters are available from websites below.

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Public domain songs

Song list of public domain songs that can be used without a licence, can be found here.

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Create online community

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Online Giving

Australian Christian company has a payment platform ready for you. Redde is used in Churches around Australia, making contactless payments much easier.

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Community Outreach

Download, print and have people drop these down their street, to help their neighbours who maybe isolating. PDF file can be found here.


For the Kids

A complete online program for running online kids programs is available from Life.Church. Sign up for free and download each week for your kids. Follow this link here.

coming back to church

A great resource to re-opening Church:- The Senior Pastors guide to Re-opening Church, can be downloaded here.

Welcome Back Staff

Staff Guidelines

Guideline printout can be downloaded here in PDF.

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keeping everyone safe

  • Sanitising stations located in various locations. (list of where to purchase is available in our Facebook group).
  • Liquid soap and disposable towels in bathrooms.
  • Doors open, so no one needs to touch handles- Clean building from top to bottom
  • Communion in sealed cups
  • Temperature checks if need??
  • Attendance sheet – so if outbreak occurs people can be notified (not everyone has the app)
  • Parents of kids to be advised to keep kids home if they have even a sniffle.
  • People advised to stay home if they have a sniffle.
  • Giving through apps or direct bank deposit online only (no money or offering bucket touching).
  • No physical greetings.
  • Provide packets of tissues.
  • Provide antibacterial disposable wipes for members who may feel more comfortable wiping down furniture themselves.
  • Posters displaying this place is santised, stay home if ill and wash hands. Download posters from the Governments health website.
  • Chairs spaced apart, except for family groups.
  • Prior service and after service socialisation can happen outdoors if need.
  • No drinks and food to share.
  • Avoid paper bulletins, sermon notes and kids activity sheets.
  • Continually cleaning. Some denominations have created procedure documents for cleaning and disinfecting during covid-19.
  • Ushers will seat people, starting from front of the room to the back.
  • Open windows to allow airflow.
  • Seperate sevices – family service, over 50’s service and have a check-in service like to keep numbers under control.
  • Cancel meet and greets.
  • Don’t share microphones without wiping in between.
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Join our Facebook group and click on the FILE tab to access various templates to help navigate through COVID-19.

Cost Cutting
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