Kingdom Presence Ministries

Peter and Kathryn run workshops that teach and practice listening to God. After traveling across Australia they are now residents of Poatina which a Christian community in Tasmania. Their ministry page is at

Bible Society

Jonathan Harris Church and Community Relations – Bible Society Australia Currently working with Churches, Schools and Community groups to encourage people everywhere to open the Bible. Developing partnerships that lead to long lasting relationships with mission projects and recipients. Seeing lives transformed by the Gospel. The importance of Bible translations that are in the mother tongue of Indigenous people is of great importance, and a life long passion. Earlier years were spent working for Scripture Union NSW and GenR8 Ministries-…


Carl was born in 1948 in rural Victoria, Australia and currently lives in Bairnsdale, Australia with his wife Karen. He grew up in a non-church background with no Biblical understanding of God. At the age of twenty, Carl made a decision that God and the church were irrelevant to his journey through life. In many ways his life was not unlike the prodigal son with very worldly living. As a result from reading, This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti, Christianity made sense, and within…

Worship Culture

Joel Wiseman & Chloe Somerfield, both worship leaders, talk about the worship culture at Dayspring Church, in Sydney Australia. As worship leaders, they discuss the freedom of worship and about the songs they have written. Dayspring culture is very similar to Bethel Church (USA). The Pastors at Dayspring encourage people to use their talents and with many gifted songwriters and musicians, they have produced various albums. These are available on their website, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Music chords…

Worship & Musician Training

Grant Northsworthy achieved considerable success as a professional musician in the CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) world. This includes a Grammy nomination, Dove Award, extensive touring, recording and radio hits with bands like PC3 (Paul Colman Trio) and the “forefathers of the modern worship revival” Sonicflood. Grant is based in New Zealand – which is a stones throw away from us Aussies. Grant has ministered around the world as an independent speaker and musician. With an engaging blend of story-telling, illustrations,…

Church Health

John Finkelde is the “Church Doctor”. John works with Pastors and Leaders all over the world with helping to get the best out of their Church. With over 30 years of pastoral experience, he founded Grow a Healthy Church. John consults all over the world, and helps Churches improve their health, grow numerically, increase in volunteers, raise funds, build leadership and more! John will have you thinking outside the box.

Church Accounting

Getting it straight from the expert. Cecil Benjamin, from Benkorp talks about Church Accounting in Australia and the importance of getting it right. The Church doesn’t need to miss out on benefits and great tax exemption opportunities. There are many opportunities out there for Churches, but not all Churches and Pastors know about them. Sign up to their blog at

Church Websites

Discussing Church Websites with Kayla Milam who works with Churches in the USA with Online Church Communication and Marketing Services – social media, email, blog, website, and more. Kayla has been in church her whole life. Her dad became a senior pastor when I was 14, so she knows the ministry ins and outs. She offers a range of services from website copy (all of the writing on your site – staff bios, statement of faith, etc.) to social media…