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Diane Spicer

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I was born to create. I’ve created all kinds of art, photography, music, ministries, businesses, and anything else my hands were led to create to give God glory.

I’ve used my creativity to lead organisations, to mentor, speak to audiences, facilitate groups, and pioneer small group communities where people are inspired, encouraged, and challenged to tap into their own creativity. The outcome is break through; physically, emotionally, and spiritually so you can impact the world around you.

I’ve worked in plush executive offices, maximum security prisons, rehabs, churches, schools, and in community centres all with a mission to come alongside and empower the Body of Christ. I have experience in the corporate world, not-for-profit sector and running my own small business. Born and raised in New York, I’ve also lived in Italy, Hong Kong, and now call Australia home.

That all sounds wonderful and it has been, but for too many years, I allowed fear, insecurity, drug and alcohol addictions, and excuses to stop me from being all I was created to be. It wasn’t until I faced the truth about my past and learned the secret of the keys of God’s kingdom that my heart was unlocked, and I was set free to be… me.

BraykThroo exists for your benefit. We are inclusive, non-judgemental, welcoming and will help you break through obstacles and challenges so you can thrive.

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