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Grant Norsworthy

More Than Music Mentor
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Grant Norsworthy is not another singer who talks too much. He’s a speaker who sings songs.

An Aussie/US dual citizen – based in Nashville, TN from 2002 to 2018 – Grant achieved considerable success as a professional CCM musician – including a Grammy® nomination, a Dove Award, extensive touring, recording and radio hits with bands like PC3 (Paul Colman Trio) and the “forefathers of the modern worship revival” Sonicflood.

The pro-muso roller-coaster prepared Grant Norsworthy for a deeper calling.

Since late 2007 Grant has ministered in the US, Australia, New Zealand and several other countries around the world as an independent musician and speaker in service of the Christian Church. With an engaging blend of story-telling, illustrations, solid Bible teaching and songs, Grant skillfully uses his award-winning musicianship, freewheeling wit and uncommon candour to encourage and challenge any audience to deeper faith in Christ and good works.

With a message birthed from an intriguing personal journey profoundly impacted by the Word of God, Grant Norsworthy is uniquely qualified as a compelling voice on a number of important topics to all sincere followers of Jesus. But it’s as he provides online and onsite training for the heart and the art of worshiping musicians that Grant’s rare abilities become more obvious. This aspect of Grant’s ministry work is called More Than Music Mentor.

Interwoven with all he does, Grant is a wholehearted advocate for children living in poverty. In partnership with reputable organisations such as Compassion and World Vision, Grant has seen over 7,000 needy children find sponsors through his efforts. Grant has first hand “on the field” experiences in Thailand, Rwanda, The Dominican Republic and Guatemala – including meeting several of his family’s own sponsor children. These experiences have profoundly and irrevocably altered Grant’s faith and perspectives. He encourages audiences to connect with “the least of these”, and therefore Jesus, by caring for those who are in need.

In his words, “Yes, we can sing about God’s love forever, but we must be God’s love now! Singing and gathering together are important ways we can express worship. But I am convinced that God commands us to worship Him – or ‘show His worth’ – by surrendering to Him and being conduits, here and now, for the compassionate, self-sacrificial love of Jesus – especially towards the poor.”

Grant is married to Kiwi (and US citizen) wife Brooke. They have three rambunctious sons – Max, Marcus and Casper. When he is not traveling for ministry work, Grant can be found with his family in Nelson, New Zealand … possibly unstacking a dishwasher or building Lego.

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