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Jonathan Harris - Ministry Directory

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Jonathan Harris

Church and Community Relations Bible Society Australia


Currently working with Churches, Schools and Community groups to encourage people everywhere to open the Bible. Developing partnerships that lead to long lasting relationships with mission projects and recipients. Seeing lives transformed by the Gospel. The importance of Bible translations that are in the mother tongue of Indigenous people is of great importance, and a life long passion.

Earlier years were spent working for Scripture Union NSW and GenR8 Ministries- Meeting facilitation. Negotiating with stakeholders to bring about chaplaincy and SRE roles in Public Schools. Mentoring Directors of Camps and School events. Fundraising for my own role as well as coordinating the employment of other roles. Liaising between multiple stakeholders to create Boards to in turn fundraise for employees.

Even earlier – Church Evangelist overseeing South Pacific Churches when based in Auckland NZ… with a stint of Financial Planning in between.

Keen interest in the history of Australia. I enjoy traveling outback Australia, and serving my Indigenous brothers and sisters in any way that I can. I love treasure hunting with my metal detector; and spending time with my children, and believing I can be a Triathlete one day.

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