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Stephen Abraham

Mobile Phone: 0458778820


In the midst of a vibrant ministry as a church planter, school pastor and recording artist, Stephen’s world was turned upside down due to permanent spinal injury. As he and his family wrestled with “finding a new normal”, Stephen found solace in the book of Job and it’s lessons on living with hardship. In coming to terms with his disablement, Stephen (now retired and largely house-bound) found a new ministry; writing music, personal songs and worship songs from his bedroom.
As a “wounded warrior” Stephen is an advocate for disability and all who face hardship. As he is able, he continues to preach, teach in his home church and minister online.



Stephen is also an advocate for Christian Meditation – and ancient and often forgotten part of the Christian life. Over 20 years he has developed his own “easy way to meditate” on passages of Scripture and made available short Christian Meditation videos on Youtube. When able he teaches this method at churches, schools and conferences.






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