Share what happens behind the scenes! This is fantastic for stories on social media. People want to get to know staff better, leaders or even what’s in the planning stages. Hold no secrets and let it all out. 
PS- this is the last photo for this series. Check out the big picture on my Instagram profile to see this collection. 

What does your Church look like? What’s the culture? 
Show me some video! Share photos. Is it alive or dead?

There is so much happening on stage and many outsiders look at Churches stage designs, instruments, tech gear etc as ideas for their own Church. Share your design. Give other Churches inspiration.

Showing ‘living’ pictures on social media, makes your Church look like it is alive. Keep the posts flowing frequently and keep them fresh. People like to know what’s going on and what happened. You’ve got 365 days a year in which you can share this. If you need help, there are people like me who can team with you. I know visitors do come once they’ve checked out your social media

If you are filming or doing photography during the service, place a sign at the door stating this. Anyone who can not be filmed will soon let you know. 

How can I get involved? Show me what I can do? 
Not only new members want to know, but those who’ve been at Church for awhile and would like to serve in something new. Show them the opportunities that they can serve. They don’t always know the different areas they can help in, especially those roles behind the scenes.

Use photos that might answer questions to people’s curiosity. For example, what version of bible do you use? (post bible verses with version). What happens in a service? (Share a run sheet). What songs do you sing? (Share YouTube videos of songs you sing or are going to learn to sing). How do I get involved? Do you do baptisms? Etc etc

Have you ever followed Google maps to a location and when you get to that location, it shows you a picture of what the building looks like at that location? Why? Because it confirms with you, that this is the building you should be looking for. Some people, when visiting a new place, like to look at Google maps to see what the building looks like, so they have an image in their mind of what to look for when driving to their destination. 
Keep an image of your building on your website, Google, four Square and even on social media, to help visitors find your Church.

Keep kids safe. The media stories can make the Church seem like an unsafe place to take your kids. Do your part by keeping kids safe and protecting their identity when taking photos. Some Churches have learnt the hard way. You don’t always fully injure the family story. They may need to be protected from a relative. There maybe a restraining order in place. There are many scenarios. Take care and be aware. What’s my child going to be doing? or what did my child do today? 
Parents love knowing what their kids did during creche/Sunday school etc. Show snippets but remember not to include faces. 

What does your Church look like inside those four walls? What is through the front doors? What will a visitor expect to see? What happens? What do you do? 
Think about what a visitor would want to know. Capture this and share openly on your social media as this is where visitors come to check the Church out. 

Bright colourful photos are a hit on social media BUT faces of kids can be a bigger hit and that could be a nasty one eg the child could be in a court situation or family on hiding etc. 
Protect children by taking back of the head type shots or neck down or even just hands on action. Remember, you don’t always know the child’s or teens situation, so you need to protect them.
It’s different if you like the family very well. 
Permission forms come in handy when using photos of children.
Families need to know their kids are safe at Church.

Get a great camera. One that is sharp and great quality. Sometimes the lighting isn’t great, but learnt to use editing tools to help with the quality of the picture. There are some great mobile phones that have good cameras, which are handy to whip out and snap. 


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Photo booth and Backdrops

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Picture Walls

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