What We recommend

Recommended programs to help your Church perform better!

  • CHURCH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – I can’t remember the first time I came across the Pastoral Care platform, but it must have been over 5 years ago and WOW was I impressed. It was a complete package of keeping admin, governance and systems all together in the one place. Fast forward to 2019 and BAM, their package has exploded. 100% Aussie owned and operated which means sales and service are basically next door, PLUS a saving on cost as payments are all in $AUD! Click on the logo below and give their software a try – you won’t be disappointed  

  • WEBSITE HOSTSiteground would be the most recommended host for your website. This is a fast and secure platform that can help your website perform to the best. Instead of picking .com or .org, you can choose .today or .online. They send you security reports, so you can sleep well knowing your website is well looked after.

  • EMAIL MANAGEMENT – I use and recommend Send In Blue because it is much cheaper than other competitors and very simple to use. When you first join, you have to authorise your account by adding contacts, doing a template and sending the email. I would suggest only add a few staff contacts, let them know you’re doing a test and then send those emails to them. Once you get past that stage, it’s all good and operational, so you can send your campaigns. Now if you have over 300 emails to send out and you don’t want to sign up to the packages, upload your contacts in 3 or 4 separate groups, eg A-F in one lot, then G-M next etc. They will be in separate folders within the contact list on Send In Blue. Each day, send the email but tick the folder for only contacts A-F. Then the next day, send it again but with the G-M contacts etc.

  • ALL IN ONE CHURCH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is here in Australia. with all the bells and whistles to go with it. A platform that manages everything from the one place. VInteract has been designed, created and is managed, right here in South Australia, for all Australian Churches. This platform will manage your Church Website, your Church App, your Church Social Media platforms, PLUS MORE! They are continually moving forward with their design and technology, so you know your website will never be left behind. Check out their website, fill in the contact card and let them know Karen Stuckey referred you, so you get an amazing deal. Get a quote now. You won’t want to be left behind.

  • GRAPHICS AND ADVERTS show the story of your Church. These need to look up to date and fit in with your Church culture.
    The software program I highly recommend is Canva. Canva can be used by anyone. With a simple tutorial, we can get anyone in your Church having original, professional looking social media images, program leaflets, service bulletins etc. The great thing about Canva is, they accept Churches under their nonprofit system, so you can benefit the whole Canva facilities for nothing. Register your Church here, then add your team and away you go. Save your work and take it to the printers to be professionally printed.

  • WEBSITES are very easy to create and manage. I have set many up and handed them over to Church staff to manage, without any problems because I recommend the ones build for Churches. This is the best cost effective way to do it, if you’re just looking for the website platform, without the Church Management side. Church Themes has been my favourite for years and although mine never came out looking like the examples, they have looked fantastic, as they reflect the culture of each Church. You will need to buy a host (I advise Black Friday website Host Sales are a bargain), buy a domain name and security, then you’ll be ready for Church Themes. Church Themes does work on WordPress, so that makes it simpler and you can do it all from within. For example:- Events, Podcasts, Multi-Location, Staff Profiles, Calendar, Link your Social Media, Back ups, Galleries, Forms, Ministries, Blogging (for newsletters if need) etc. They also give you easy steps to follow in setting up and you can always yell out if you need a hand.

  • IMAGES for equiping the Church are kindly collated here at Freely Photos. Daniel has collected and curated the best ‘CC0‘ images (some of which are his own) that are great for churches to use from around the internet. There are so many photos that look great on Church Websites and Social Media Pages. Check them out!

  • CHURCH METRICS platform can help see trends and help you understand where your Church is heading. Life.Church have provided a free program for you to use on your computer or phone, so you can see the health of your Church. See what Churches are using this tool on the Church Metrics website.

  • STREAMING OR BROADCASTING your services online is easy to do with the Church Online Platform and you can do it for FREE! The power of the Church Online Platform is the unity of shared experience. Broadcast your services as ‘simulated live,’ and all your viewers and chatters can watch a service with a synced starting time—they’ll discuss the message or ask questions as the sermon is happening. You can also offer ‘on-demand’ viewing that starts playback any time someone visits your site. Get connected with the team from Church Online and they will set you up here.

  • STAFF DEVELOPMENT is important in any organisation. Here’s a free tool you can use with staff in your Church. A strong ministry starts with a strong team. Help your team set goals, expand their capacity, and become the leaders God’s called them to be. Develop.Me, an app with in the Life.Church Open Network, helps you create a culture of development in your church staff. Transform your performance review cycle into year-round growth and collaboration to help your team reach its goals.

  • CHURCH APPs have become popular among Church members, as they are a quick and easy tool for people to jump on and grab or share information from. You are probably thinking they are to expensive to setup and use. Well, as you know about my mission in saving the Church money as the money could go into saving people and spreading the Gospel. Here is a FREE app developed by an amazing man who created it for his Church and he’s sharing it with the rest of the world. Some features:- Member Profiles, Community Timeline, Events with RVSP, Groups (can be indiviualised to ministry departments), Giving, Bible and live streaming integrations. The app is called ChurchMe . Churches can sign up simply by going to the Ministry Sign Up page. Church members then download the app, find their Church and press request to join. Simple, easy, productive and free.

  • VISUAL CHURCH MEDIA  are the Creative leader in Church Media. They do have a free library available, or you can join up with their membership. Check out the Visual Church Media website for more details.

  • MICROSOFT OFFICE legit program is available for free from here but if you already have it on your computer, you will need to completely delete it off your computer and re-start it – mostly for windows 7 users, then this version will work. It is direct on the microsoft website and they used to advertise it many years ago, but now they keep pretty quiet about it, as they can make money from the software.

The team at Benkorp is passionate about working with churches and not for profit organisations to help them “raise the standard of their financial management for God’s Glory”.

It has become increasingly difficult to find volunteer treasurers and others with time and skill to do the bookkeeping, meet compliance requirements as well as reporting and budgeting. So, churches turn to Benkorp for support – to setup the accounting system, train some church people and provide on going support, OR Benkorp provides total service bookkeeping packages.

Jeanette and Cecil,  the directors, are accountants and former pastors, and have a deep understanding of Churches and Christian organisations, which creates the foundation for Benkorp to specialise in church accounting. 

Can you add anything to this list?

Written by:-

Karen Stuckey has been a Virtual Assistant to many Pastors and Churches in Australia since 2011. It was birthed out of her relative and friends, who were Pastoring in Churches, asked her to find out information on where to get this or that, or what’s the best so and so to use. From this she saw a need and began supporting Pastors and Leaders from around the nation.

Prior to this, her and her husband Gavin, ran home groups, healing meetings, soaker services, kids ministry, hospital chaplain (Karen), playgroup (Karen), hospitality services etc. They have 3 children, 1 son-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law and 2 grand children.


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