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VIDEO Resources

Video collections (both free and paid) from various Christians around the world, are available listed here.

Graphic and photo resources

There is access to a huge library of media, created by Christians all over the world. From Video Clips, Countdowns, Cards, Graphics, Posters and more. Find a list of what’s available here.

Audio resources

Collection of audio files can be found here.

Worship Resources

Resources for those involved with all aspects of Worship can be found here.

Church Office

There are so many platforms and programs available to make workflow easier in the Church Office. Check out our compiled list and see if your office can benefit from any of these.


Current list of programs and platforms that we have found useful or can recommend. Visit this page here.


Various courses and studies are listed here.

Freebies and Discounts

Churches and Not For Profits have access to various discounts and freebies which you will find listed here.


Looking for a form or document? We have various available for download here.



We have the opportunity of gleaning from many. Visit our YouTube Channel to capture advice from gifted and talented Christians.

Tithing Calculator

One of the many questions we get asked. “How do you work out your tithe?” This is something you may want to add to your Church website.
Calculate your tithe instantly here