Social Media for Church Leaders & Staff

Whoever posts on behalf of the Church, pastor or posts as themselves, they must remember that what is seen on their social media reflects them,  Christ and it also shows the standard of the media 'owner'.  Everyone who posts is responsible for their posts and must make sure they have a high standard to follow.…Read more Social Media for Church Leaders & Staff

Apps are in!

Apps are everywhere and there is an app for everything.....well nearly. If you don't know what an APP're probably among the mature generation age, but you probably remember the time the TV came out into society and now realise how that tool has been a strong influence in society, especially with communication.  This is…Read more Apps are in!

Fire Extinguishers

Thank you to Tyco Integrated Fire and Security for allowing us to share this fire extinguisher chart.  It's important to train staff and  volunteers (usually in orientation) where the fire extinguisher is kept and shown how to use them.   More information and source of this photo is from

Media Backgrounds – Loops

Great websites to find free loops for Churches are:   Church Media Design   4 Thought Media     Seeds   Playback Media   NLC Creative   Dan Stevers   Church Media Design

Hire of Facilities

Sample of Policy of hiring Church facilities..... CHURCH NAME Policy for hire of Building and Facilities for Church Groups and Community Groups Our church is happy to have your group/organization share God’s house with us. Our facilities are for the functioning of our ministry and for providing a hospitable presence for members, church groups and…Read more Hire of Facilities

Office Checklist

Looking after Office staff and volunteers is important.  For their safety, there should be a checklist in place to ensure their office works for them.  Happy Office = Happy Staff.   OFFICE CHECKLIST Church Name: Department: Address:   General layout 1. Is there adequate desk space for the person and the tasks to be performed?…Read more Office Checklist

Annual General Meeting

Depending on the corporation structure, there may be additional reporting requirements. Most churches are incorporated associations. The Rules of Incorporation require that the Church will conduct an Annual General Meeting of its members. However, the format of these meetings can vary significantly depending upon the requirements of the local constitution. Usually, an audited financial statement…Read more Annual General Meeting