Every year, it is wise to do an Annual Risk/Hazard Review and report the findings to the head leadership in the Church Most Churches use a simple form, similar to this:- This example form can be downloaded from here:- Annual Risk Hazard Review Form. You are also able to get these forms from your Insurance…Read more ANNUAL RISK / HAZARD REVIEW

Church Contents

It is a difficult process when doing an inventory of Church items.  Finding the replacement value of an item may take some research, but it doesn't have to be done very often.   Here you'll find a sample of a Church Contents Inventory form, that you can record the estimates and file with your insurance…Read more Church Contents

Risk Management  ACS Financial look after the Churches by providing templates to help organise the administration side of the church. Their Risk Management templates can be downloaded from here. Ansvar insurance has been around for quite awhile. You will find they have lots of resources that are  useful in the day to day…Read more Risk Management