Children’s Ministry

Kids need to be kept safe and most Churches do have the proper paperwork for this to be implemented.  This is a copy of an example of an application.  It will also give you ideas of what else should be included when working with kids. Application for Children’s Ministry Team This form is used to…Read more Children’s Ministry


It is great to have VOLUNTEERS active within the Church body.  They help keep the life of the Church flowing.  But it can be hard to know where to draw the line as to what is considered to be voluntary work.  Each Church will usually set out what is voluntary work (eg cleaning) and what…Read more Volunteers

Conferences & Events   Paperwork is needed when groups go to events, to ensure everyone is covered. A form for taking Youth to Planetshakers is available here - but you can also edit it to suit the event you are taking a group of youth or kids to.  REMEMBER…Read more Conferences & Events