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Apps are in!

Apps are everywhere and there is an app for everything…..well nearly.

If you don’t know what an APP is……you’re probably among the mature generation age, but you probably remember the time the TV came out into society and now realise how that tool has been a strong influence in society, especially with communication. T

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his is the same with apps. They come on most smart phones, tablets and now onto computers. Churches have caught on with this social tool and have brought it into their community to make communication easier and causing a relationship that bring generations and positive input together, through technology.

If you are looking for a Church family to join, download their app to learn more about them, their beliefs, and their ministries.

Each app is different, but there is one app that I can highly recommend and is a popular choice –

For Church Members:-

This app allows you, as a Church member to :-

  • Listen to and watch sermons
  • View sermon notes, or write your own notes
  • Pray for your Church families prayer requests and add your own
  • Get the latest Church news – be in the know
  • Receive announcements – depending on the Church, but you could receive these BEFORE the Church does
  • Know upcoming events, so you don’t double book.
  • Simple RSVP to events
  • Connect with the Church with the easy contact information displayed
  • Create a favourites list, so you can quickly access your picks quickly
  • Share content to Facebook, Twitter, or via Email
  • Read scripture – daily, together as a Church
  • Map of the location of the Church.
  • Find the times of the services.

For Church Pastors/Staff etc :-

This app allows you to share the following information, not only with your Church, but those who are looking for a Church or want to stay connected to your Church for one reason or another:-

  • Share sermons through video and audio sources
  • Post sermon notes
  • Share instantly Church families prayer requests and receive requests from your audience
  • Advertise the latest Church news
  • Spread the word through announcements
  • Quick reference to the upcoming events, so you don’t double book
  • Be contactable and reachable as a Church with having available contact information, map and address of the location of the Church and display of times of the services
  • Create a favourites list, so you can quickly access your picks quickly.
  • Share content to Facebook, Twitter, or via Email.
  • Read scripture – daily, together as a Church

So you cover Communication, Social Media, Feeding your People, Prayer Needs, Marketing etc and you can have 1 – ? people overseeing the app, ALL at an affordable price!

What more could you ask in an app!

Why not have FREE wifi available for your Church? Have a simple information sheet available for all to be able to connect and use the app. Get the youth involved and have them available to help assist the older generation to learn to connect to the wifi and use the tools on the Church app, after the service!

Assisting you – with years of experience.

Saving you time – by helping you tick off that to do list.

Church administration office templates and forms covering Christian youth groups, kids ministry, adult ministry, baptisms, baby dedications, camps, creche, attendance forms, tithing forms, etc. can be downloaded directly from this website instantly

Templates can be edited and printed, even by professional printers.
If you want something totally different or are after a document that’s not in the shop, contact me and we’ll whip one up in no time.

Fees are very cheap, as my importance is on the Church using their money to reach their community,rather than spend it all on staffing and resources.