Social Media for Church Leaders & Staff

Whoever posts on behalf of the Church, pastor or posts as themselves, they must remember that what is seen on their social media reflects them,  Christ and it also shows the standard of the media 'owner'.  Everyone who posts is responsible for their posts and must make sure they have a high standard to follow.…Read more Social Media for Church Leaders & Staff

Church Event Planning

  Events are always put on at Churches and it's a fantastic way to get the community in. To get the information correct, have available electronic or hard copies of an Event Planning form.  An example of a form would be:- EVENT PLANNING FORM Todays Date:- NOTE:- Please Check the Church calendar  for conflicts before…Read more Church Event Planning

Social Media

Keeping up with the times is a way of keeping up with your congregation.  I love social media and would do it for anyone, anytime!  Apparently there are Social Media Pastors now!   People love keeping up to date in what's happening at their Church, they love seeing photos of their Church family and being…Read more Social Media

Conferences & Events   Paperwork is needed when groups go to events, to ensure everyone is covered. A form for taking Youth to Planetshakers is available here - but you can also edit it to suit the event you are taking a group of youth or kids to.  REMEMBER…Read more Conferences & Events