Hire of Facilities

Sample of Policy of hiring Church facilities..... CHURCH NAME Policy for hire of Building and Facilities for Church Groups and Community Groups Our church is happy to have your group/organization share God’s house with us. Our facilities are for the functioning of our ministry and for providing a hospitable presence for members, church groups and…Read more Hire of Facilities

Children’s Ministry

Kids need to be kept safe and most Churches do have the proper paperwork for this to be implemented.  This is a copy of an example of an application.  It will also give you ideas of what else should be included when working with kids. Application for Children’s Ministry Team This form is used to…Read more Children’s Ministry

Kids Department Policy & Procedures Manual

It is so important to protect our kids and our workers. By having Policies and Procedures in place, then all those working with kids can be on the same page.     EXAMPLES OF POLICIES AND PROCEDURES THAT CAN BE ADDED INTO YOUR MANUAL ARE:- POLICIES Confidentiality Policy Child Protection Policy Mandatory Reporting Policy Sick…Read more Kids Department Policy & Procedures Manual