Countdowns   Countdowns can be useful and a lot of fun.  Here's some free ones you can download:-

Child and Youth Management

It's important to keep our Kids and Teens safe.` By having policies in place, it helps keep everyone safe. Here's an example of text:-   CHURCH NAME STATEMENT At _______________ Church we are committed to introducing children and youth to Jesus Christ in a safe, secure and loving environment. Therefore, we have written, adopted and…Read more Child and Youth Management

Conferences & Events   Paperwork is needed when groups go to events, to ensure everyone is covered. A form for taking Youth to Planetshakers is available here - but you can also edit it to suit the event you are taking a group of youth or kids to.  REMEMBER…Read more Conferences & Events

Youth Ideas! YOUTH are our future leaders in our Church. It's an important time in their life where they are able to choose who they are going to follow. We need to ground them in the faith, share the truth with them, connect them with other like minded youth and teach them that God…Read more Youth Ideas!

Forms for Kids Attending Church Activities

I have many different versions of forms for parents to complete on the first occasion that they bring their child to the department. Go through the following foms and change the details to suit your Church requirements. Children's Attendance Form